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'You are not a pawn in the chess game of life, you are a mover of the pieces.' -White Eagle

Client Feedback

These are the personal opinions of my clients and do not represent evidence. My clients have kindly given their permission for their feedback to be put on this website.  I have withheld their names in order to maintain their confidentiality.

"Cathy was recommended to us by a dear friend and we decided to contact her because our 2 and a bit year old was having problem with his sleep. Our little boy would wake up at night or from his nap screaming and we would try everything to calm him down but nothing seemed to work. He would also fall asleep late every day despite a bedtime routine well and truly in place, it was not unusual for us to try to get him to fall asleep come 10pm…
We contacted Cathy and briefly explained our situation. Cathy was approachable and professional. She asked us a lot of questions to understand our background better and she tailored her remedy to suit our boy’s needs. 
As soon as we received the homeopathic treatment and gave it our boy, we saw great improvements. He would wake up a much happier boy and gradually he went from having a hectic sleep pattern to sleeping through the night from 6pm to 6am. It took a couple of months to get there but we think that Cathy’s expertise definitely helped us to achieve this.
Of course we still have the odd days when he is off colour as any toddler would, but since his sleep pattern has improved we have our sweet little boy back, all smiles and no screaming. As parents, we also get to have an evening together again, which has been great for us also.
We will be recommending Cathy’s services to any struggling parents that we may meet along the way!"


"Having worked with Cathy on and off for over 21 years, I often credit her with saving my life; but she always dispels this, saying that I'm the one who's put the work in. This is true I have. However, because of Cathy's wealth of expertise, experience, compassion, and professionalism, I have been able to work through some very difficult and at times, traumatic experiences and go on to live a happy and fulfilled life. As someone who always wants to learn and grow, I still have occasions to this day when I go and see her.

As a Psychotherapist, I also pay forward my own clients without hesitation, as and when appropriate. I'm eternally grateful Cathy. Thank you."


 "I contacted Cathy while trying to cope on my own with several sad times in my life. (The loss of both parents, relationship difficulties, marriage breakdown and the loss of my home and business) Cathy offered me a safe confidential place I could go for several sessions to work through this.

Although I found talking hard, Cathy always made me feel at ease and gave me time. Cathy put me at the centre of the session every time.  I feel Cathy made a positive difference not just to myself and my life but my children’s life too.

 I could speak to Cathy about anything from my past, present and future and she always reacted positively.

Cathy gave me strength and confidence to carry on. She helped me talk through decisions to better my life which had a positive effect on my children.

Cathy helped me believe in myself and feel proud of what I have achieved/come through.

Cathy is an amazing person who saved my life. I can't thank her enough. I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone who needs someone to talk to."


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