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Holistic Spiritual Healing Resources

'Meditate.  Let the light of the heart engulf you' ~ Gurumayi Chidvilasanada

Resources compiled by a shamanic and spiritual healer serving Leeds and Bradford

Guided Spiritual Healing Meditation

Find a quiet, uncluttered space in your house where you can sit in a comfortable chair.

Allow yourself to relax with your feet on the ground, with your hands resting gently in your lap.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to become aware of your breath as you breathe in and then as you breathe out. Continue to do this with several breaths.

You will become aware of your mind going over things that have happened in your day.

Just allow these thoughts to drift away and concentrate on breathing in and breathing out.

You become more aware of the stillness and quietness of the room.

Imagine a golden light flowing down through the crown of your head, through your whole body. Imagine the golden light filling your heart and expanding out into the world.

Ask for love, light and spiritual healing for yourself and the world and as you do so, breathe in the surrounding light and be aware of the light suffusing through all your body’s cells. Take a little time for the light to suffuse through all your body and allow yourself to be bathed in the beautiful golden light for a few moments.

When you are ready

Slowly, bring your consciousness back to the room you are in, to the chair that you are sitting in.

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