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The Remedy Box

Find help through homeopathy & complementary therapy in Leeds and Bradford

The Remedy Box offers a choice of complementary and alternative therapy solutions to individuals, children and families to improve their wellbeing in a natural holistic way.

My approach, through the range of individual therapies on offer, is to encourage people to live from the heart and to access their own healing intelligence to gain greater insight and understanding of themselves and others. This can lead to a greater sense of fulfilment and wellbeing.

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Welcome to the Remedy Box


Cathy is a dedicated and compassionate Spiritual Healing, Homeopathy and Meditation Professional demonstrating a confidential, person-centred approach.

She is committed to the development and delivery of holistic, natural well-being services for individuals through the generations from birth to the elderly.


She is dedicated to helping clients access their own spiritual healing intelligence, to bring about positive changes in their spiritual, mental and emotional health.


She has extensive education and experience in Early Years, Family Support, Mental Health, Homeopathy, Spiritual Healing & Meditation as well as experience of offering Care for the elderly in the community.

Meet Cathy Presto

'Keep the light in the warmth of your heart & it keeps the light in the hearts of those who warm to it'  ~ Miac

Cathy Presto


Certificate of Education, Post Graduate National Professional Qualification in Integrated Centre Leadership, Certificate in Counselling, Diploma of Homeopathy, Reiki Master Healer/Teacher Certificate, Diploma in Shamanic Healing, Diploma in Meditation, Certificate in Crystal Healing, Diploma in Advanced Herbalism, Certificate in Spiritual Intuitive Healing Advisor, Certificate in Spiritual Life Coaching, Post Graduate Certificate in Homeobotanical Therapy, Certificate in Care


The Society of Homeopaths.

The Healer Foundation which is affiliated to The British Complementary Medicine Association.

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About Cathy

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