These are the personal opinions of my clients and do not represent evidence. My clients have kindly given their permission for their feedback to be put on this website.  I have withheld their names in order to maintain their confidentiality.

"Having worked with Cathy on and off for over 21 years, I often credit her with saving my life; but she always dispels this, saying that I'm the one who's put the work in. This is true I have. However, because of Cathy's wealth of expertise, experience, compassion, and professionalism, I have been able to work through some very difficult and at times, traumatic experiences and go on to live a happy and fulfilled life. As someone who always wants to learn and grow, I still have occasions to this day when I go and see her.
As a Psychotherapist, I also pay forward my own clients without hesitation, as and when appropriate. I'm eternally grateful Cathy. Thank you."

"I have had the pleasure of seeing Cathy for the past three or four years in the context of meditation, spiritual development, counselling, healing and homeopathy.  During that time I have seen myself grow beyond my own constraints and embrace the wider world which is at all of our fingertips and if it was not for Cathy I would not have been able to do this. 

First and foremost I must explain that I am a quite a private person and was always led to believe that one had to sort things out for oneself and so inadvertently due to circumstances a wall built up around me. Cathy, who has a natural gift to put everyone at their ease of all ages, continually repackaged messages and allowed me to understand many things about myself that I had chosen to forget and for that alone I owe Cathy a debt of gratitude.  Cathy is professional and knowledgeable and spends the time I am with her linking clearly and concisely with past meetings and allows you the ability to work things out for yourself that is in your best interest.  On a more practical nature due to Cathy’s experience she has given me many things to consider and this then allows me to challenge other things about many different aspects both personally, and otherwise.  

Whenever I have had to reach out to Cathy when I needed extra guidance for example or was struggling personally, she listened to my concerns with great patience and used her many skills to guide me, to encourage me and to ensure that I had a clear path in order to answer my own questions and to reach a conclusion that I was happy with.

I have always found Cathy to be open and honest and her knowledge and the passion she shows for her clients is clear to see.  To be able to engage with many different individuals of varying ages and backgrounds and to make each and every one of us want to come back to see her in one of her professional capacities is clear proof of her personality, skills and enthusiasm.

Cathy, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck going forward and am more than sure you will be able to guide, assist, teach and help more individuals whatever their circumstances going forward."



 "I contacted Cathy while trying to cope on my own with several sad times in my life. (The loss of both parents, relationship difficulties, marriage breakdown and the loss of my home and business) Cathy offered me a safe confidential place I could go for several sessions to work through this.

Although I found talking hard, Cathy always made me feel at ease and gave me time. Cathy put me at the centre of the session every time.  I feel Cathy made a positive difference not just to myself and my life but my children’s life too.

 I could speak to Cathy about anything from my past, present and future and she always reacted positively.

Cathy gave me strength and confidence to carry on. She helped me talk through decisions to better my life which had a positive effect on my children.

Cathy helped me believe in myself and feel proud of what I have achieved/come through.

Cathy is an amazing person who saved my life. I can't thank her enough. I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone who needs someone to talk to."


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Cathy Presto over a number of years.  She has helped me to get well physically from a thyroid condition.

I have had support and counselling for relationship issues which helped me to move forward.

Currently, I attend meditation classes held by Cathy and these have not only been relaxing and profoundly healing but help me to deal with stresses of everyday living.

Cathy is a therapist who is highly experienced and knowledgeable.  My experiences of her guidance and professionalism would leave me in no doubt that I would highly recommend her as a great resource and healer."


"Cathy Presto is unique. She has been a very effective homeopath for me and my son. She prescribes remedies that really help our physical and emotional health. Her skills as a counsellor really make it easy to talk to her openly about symptoms and concerns. I was initially sceptical of homeopathy but now realise that it can work alongside traditional medicines and even improve health when traditional approaches are unable to offer more than to just manage conditions. I would really recommend her services."


"I first met Cathy after suffering from insomnia, IBS and acute tiredness that affected everything I did for most of my adult life.  I had seen my GP with regard to my insomnia, IBS and constant tiredness and he suggested that I take a tablet for a short space of time, listen to music, or just get used to it as it was obviously one of those things. By this stage I was prepared to try anything.  I had a consultation that lasted for about an hour and a half.  I was asked questions not just about my ‘conditions’ but my lifestyle too.  This was done in a professional, caring manner and I found it quite therapeutic as it gave me a chance to look at my unconscious habits and thoughts.

  Cathy talked to me about what I could do to prepare for sleep and stop my IBS bloated stomach as well as giving me medication to take.  Over the weeks that followed I began to sleep better, my stomach felt less bloated and my concentration improved and I felt so much better about myself because I didn’t feel so tired and lethargic.  I found the holistic approach very beneficial as it taught me that everything impacts on everything.

Cathy has been every step of the way supporting me and adjusting the medication as required. I wasn’t just given a tablet and left to take it for life but the underlying causes were addressed and I don’t need to take a pill every night.  Cathy sees me on a regular basis and I cannot recommend her too highly.  She has a professional approach that is both caring and supportive.  Cathy is an excellent homeopath."


"I worked closely with Cathy and her colleague Julie throughout the period of dealing with "carcinoid syndrome" - a life threatening although slow growing cancer and subsequent pure heart failure.

At the point I started work with Cathy I had been given a terminal diagnosis. My approach has always been to be open to both conventional medicine and also homeopathic treatment.

In my view this combination and within it, the significant contribution of homeopathy, turned a terminal diagnosis into what has now been cancer in remission for over three years.

I also underwent a successful heart valve replacement operation at the end of 2014.

Cathy is meticulous in her research and application of homeopathic remedies; combined with a highly intuitive approach, which I feel has worked wonders with my health issues. My future prognosis is now much brighter than it has ever been before."


"I initially went to see Cathy with eczema, frequent headaches and pain following the removal of an ovarian cyst. I now suffer only from mild eczema which comes on only when I am stressed and clears up very quickly, I rarely suffer from headaches and I no longer have the pains associated with the removal of the cyst.

Cathy has also helped me through my first pregnancy and helped my little boy who she has treated for colic, teething and a recurrent cough.

Cathy is a wonderful lady and a brilliant homeopath who has helped me and my family for years and I am sure she will for many years to come."


"I have known Cathy Presto for over 29 years and during that time have found her to be caring, honest and reliable, with a wonderful sense of humour.

For many years she has been my homeopath and has successfully treated me for various health issues. Cathy charges reasonable fees and I consider her to be good value for money. 

Three years ago I had a partial knee replacement that became infected.  The surgeon removed it after 16 months and, after administering a course of strong antibiotics, eventually replaced it with a total knee replacement in May 2010. 

In February 2011 it became apparent that my new knee was also infected.  It was a very low grade infection, as was the first one, so it was difficult to identify without further surgery.  To do this the implant would have to be removed yet again and I would have been left without a knee joint for at least 3 months this time.  When the surgeon was satisfied that the infection had gone, this would be ascertained by blood tests etc as it had been the first time, then yet another implant would be inserted. There would be no guarantees that this would cure the problem and I was informed that this repeated major knee surgery could eventually cause me to require an amputation.

I obviously needed to give this a lot of careful consideration and decided to visit Cathy to discuss it with her and ask her if she could help.  I was in a lot of pain and walking was becoming increasingly difficult, my knee was ‘giving way’ several times a day and I was feeling very vulnerable when out and about, especially in crowds. I have always been an active person and being so debilitated was causing me to lack the confidence to go out alone and I was feeling quite miserable.

Cathy suggested that she had a couple of remedies that were worth trying.  The first one did not have the desired effect but when she gave me some............the effects were almost immediate.  I have needed a prolonged course of treatment, I took it for about 12 months, but the improvement in my mobility and pain has been incredible.  I can now walk confidently and am almost pain free.

I am sleeping much better because I am not being woken up by the pain in my knee when I move in bed.  I feel able to go shopping on my own again without fear of somebody bumping into me or my knee collapsing beneath me if I walk on uneven ground.  The improvement is outstanding and my surgeon cannot believe the difference in me.  In fact when I saw him in August 2011, only 3 months after starting to take ............, he asked what had made such a huge difference to how I was feeling.  He was amazed that Homeopathy could make such a difference and asked what I was taking and how it worked.

Since completing the course of ........... a couple of years ago, I have gone from strength to strength.  There has been no recurrence of the infection.  I am seen annually by the surgeon, who continues to be absolutely amazed by my recovery.  When I last saw him in October 2014 he decided that it would be fine to suggest a 2 year review!  I am so happy with the results of the homeopathy.

I would definitely recommend Cathy to other people (and I frequently do).  I do not think that any other Homeopath could offer better care and treatment."


 " I have known Cathy for several years she is a kind and compassionate person. She has helped me in many ways to get to where I am now within my life. My son and I have felt so comfortable going to see her, she makes you feel at ease with yourself and has the skill to read and extract information from you to help you with your situation. I find Cathy a very knowledgeable, sensitive person and to have a great sense for attention to detail to other people’s needs. Below are some of the areas where she has helped us."

"My son has suffered with his ear problems and bowel which also caused him to have mood swings. I decided to take him to see Cathy as other things had not really helped him, she made him feel at ease and he opened up to her. Especially helped him through the spilt up between his dad and myself, she listened to how he felt with care and helped him to work through his emotional state of mind. Cathy was so caring and compassionate; that made him feel so at ease he could open up to her, which helped him work through his feelings. He was given homeopathic remedies which really helped him with his situation. He is happy to go back and have more treatment as he was starting to feel much better within himself."

"I go to see Cathy for healing and what a wonderful experience it is. It has helped me in so many different ways, with my heart and mind. I have had healing for my sinus problems, which I have suffered with for a long time with and this has helped a great deal. The healing has helped me with other situations in my life that I did not know how to cope with or what to do. It has made me understand and learn how to cope and deal with these things; to let go of situations that you no longer need any more in your life."